About Us

Mission & History

The Rhode Island Center for Justice is a non-profit public interest law office working to increase access to justice in our State. The Center provides free civil legal assistance to low-income Rhode Islanders, engages in key impact litigation affecting the rights and wellbeing of thousands across the State, and conducts legislative and policy advocacy on behalf of the communities we serve. The goals of the Center for Justice include: protecting the legal rights of low-income people, fighting for social and economic justice, and potentiating long-term solutions to the entrenched challenges of equality and equity.

The CFJ Model

Our model is focused on providing legal services to support grass-roots, community-based advocacy in Rhode Island. We believe that last change does not come only from a single court case, no matter how broad the impact, but rather from concerted and continuing community engagement. The aim of the model is to participate in community-led efforts to address social and economic injustice.