Rent Relief Ending

The Rhode Island Housing has exhausted the rental assistance funds and closed the Eviction Prevention Rhode Island program as of August 31, 2023. No new applications will be accepted or processed, and any pending applications have been denied. Please check your email for an email from Rhode Island Housing.

Family Preparedness Plan / El Plan de Preparación Familiar

The FPP is a free resource for Rhode Island residents at risk of being deported or detained, with instructions on how to appoint a legal guardian or caregiver who would be in charge of their children if they were to become absent.

El PPF es dirigido a los habitantes de Rhode Island que están en riesgo de ser deportados o detenidos, con instrucciones sobre como nombrar a un tutor o cuidador legal que quedaría a cargo de sus hijos e hijas en caso de que se ausenten.

Tenant Advocacy Project

Through bi-monthly clinics, Center for Justice staff attorneys provide brief advice, counsel and where appropriate, full legal representation for low-income tenants struggling with substandard conditions issues.

Students' Right to an Education

On November 28, 2018, the Center for Justice filed a federal class action suit on behalf of all Rhode Island public-school students, asserting that they have a Constitutional right to an education that is being denied in underfunded school districts.

Who We Are

The Rhode Island Center for Justice partners with community groups to protect legal rights and to ensure justice for vulnerable individuals, families, and communities.

What We Do

Protecting legal rights to ensure justice for vulnerable individuals, families, and communities in Rhode Island.

Community Partners

The Center for Justice is committed to lawyering in support of community organizing and collective action.

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