Center for Justice Educating New Lawyers, Promoting Pro Bono Legal Assistance

As part of our commitment to educating new lawyers and promoting the provision of pro bono legal services throughout the State, the Center for Justice has played host to numerous law students through internship and externship programs, served as a placement for post-graduate fellows from several States, and put on informational events and continuing legal education (CLE) courses designed for recent graduates.

Last Fall, the Center for Justice held a two-day educational event focused on the intersection of law and organizing. Putting the spotlight on this innovative model for public interest lawyering, the event highlighted the critical need both for legal services for low-income Rhode Islanders and a coordinated, community-based solution to persistent legal and policy challenges. This Spring, the Center designed and presented an intensive 7-week CLE program entitled, The Litigation of a Civil Case: Taught in the Context of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Taught by leading practitioners and legal experts, the course guided the participants through the stages of civil litigation, utilizing lectures, practical exercises, and a case study.

In addition to these educational programs, the Center for Justice has hosted interns and externs from Roger Williams University School of Law and post-graduate fellows from law schools throughout the region. The hard work of these law students and new lawyers has bolstered the Center’s capacity, while providing them with legal experience and helping create a new generation of public interest minded lawyers in Rhode Island.

This Fall, the Center for Justice will welcome a new class of externs from Roger Williams University School of Law and will present a panel discussion centered on law and organizing in the context of public utility justice.

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