Community Funding Update!

Thank You to Our Local Community Funders!

The Center for Justice is pleased to announce recently awarded funding support from the following three respected Rhode Island Institutions: the Rhode Island Association for Justice (RIAJ), the Providence Journal Charitable Legacy Fund, and the United Way of Rhode Island.
These awards reflects an appreciation for the value of providing civil legal assistance in partnership with community groups and in support of grassroots advocacy and organizing.  It also indicates an understanding not only of the importance of expanding access to justice in venues where low-income people have historically gone unrepresented, but also the ways that civil legal aid can support economic development for a family, a neighborhood and a State.

The United Way’s grant to the Center for Justice is provided through the Olneyville Community Fund.  It will support our Tenant Advocacy Project which makes legal assistance available to low-income tenants in partnership with the Community Action Partnership of Providence (CAPP).  For Olneyville families who pay their rent each month, but find their health or the health of their children compromised due to substandard housing conditions such as mold or pest infestations, the Center for Justice’s regularly scheduled legal clinics at CAPP are beginning to not only inform tenants of their rights, but to work alongside them and activate those rights, protect their children, and improve the quality of life in the community.  CAPP is one of the Center for Justice’s core partners and is a robust social services agency and vital neighborhood presence located in the heart of an area in Providence hard hit by the problem of substandard housing conditions. With the support of the Olneyville Community Fund and the United Way, the Tenant Advocacy Project can improve the health, safety, and financial stability of Olneyville neighborhood residents.

The RIAJ grant to the Center for Justice will support our Lifeline Project, a collaboration with the George Wiley Center, which aims to protect medically vulnerable households from the devastating impacts of utility termination.  The Providence Journal Charitable Legacy Fund will help to support the overall programming of the Center for Justice in our inaugural year.
Thank you to each of our funders. We look forward to working together in the years to come!

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